A rose by any other… hue…

LInda Lencovic The Boardwalk Collection

I hope all of you have had time to follow along on the blog tour. As I’ve been preparing for next weekend’s Fibre East festival I’ve been enjoying reading what people are saying about the new collection.

We’ve visited the lovely Kate at A Playful Day and heard Isabell talk about her pattern in The Boardwalk Collection , Arcade, yesterday. The pattern is proving to be very popular on Ravelry and has been in the top 20 of the ‘Hot Right Now’ section since the collection release…and for good reason! What a versatile, lovely layer. I’ve been wearing mine quite a bit already as the heavy drape of the silk blend feels amazing on the skin.

in colour Verdigris

in colour Verdigris

There is a bit of a funny/agonising story behind this sample as I’d taken the nearly finished first version with me to London a few weeks before the photoshoot to work on it …and lost it on the train ride home! I’d run out of my project bag tags, so the bag dissappeared into the aether and I was forced to restart the sample from square one! It was a bit of a drama, let me tell you. ;-P

I thought I might show you some of the Arcade’s knit in the other colours of Islington as they turned out beautifully. I love that Ayako made hers short-sleeved for summer, and Amelia managed to capture the hard-to-photograph hue of Padparadscha in her joyous shot!

I love the comment she posted on Instagram – ‘…the yarn (BFL and silk) blocks beautifully, getting so plump and slinky. The colour — Padparadscha — is the most amazing silkily shimmery pink with peachy tones. The pattern is very clear, with a great neckline and flattering shape. Why such a photo, rather than a more sensible one? My jumper makes me feel fabulous.’

You can’t get much better than that, right? 😉

Isabell’s prototype was knit in her signature grey – Old Smoke – and looks amazing as well:


Today on the tour we are visiting Helen Stewart at the Curious Handmade Podcast. Don’t miss it!