Baskerville – Exmoor Blueface / British Gotland / Silk
fingering weight yarn 100g = 437 yards (400 meters)

Hailing from the mysterious West Country moors Baskerville is lovingly spun in small batches exclusively for Kettle Yarn Co. This new British blend is like no other, melding the lustrous, velvety crimp of fine British Gotland and the frothy loft of Exmoor Blueface. With a hint of luminous silk adding a gentle shimmer, this unique blend is a subtly modern take on traditional rustic yarns.

A gentle 2-ply yarn, Baskerville is spun worsted, twisted lightly, to create the airy thick-and-thin character of traditional handspun with combed fibres for strength and softness. This unique blend blooms fully on blocking with separate stitches hugging together to create a light warm fabric with subtle drape that wears beautifully.

A truly exceptional heirloom quality yarn, it is simple to keep your Baskerville items looking new for many years to come as any tiny pills can easily be removed without damage to other fibres.

Reviewed in Knitter’s Review:
‘The fibers have been combed for smoothness and cohesion, but the yarn still had a pleasant degree of stickiness and “grab” to it. The two plies stayed together, never snagging or untwisting. I moved from a scrumptious garter-stitch to a perky three-dimensional feather and fan before settling on smooth stockinette. Each stitch was a pleasure.’ Clara Parkes, Knitter's Review
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Baskerville combines two incredibly unique fibres Exmoor Blueface and grey Gotland with just a hint of luminous silk to play up the Gotland’s natural shimmer.

It is toothy, but soft. Has a gentle handle and halo without too much drape. It also smells fantastically sheepy as the yarn is gently processed and blooms like a dream when you block in warm water.

As the yarn is dyed in small batches I won’t always have this in stock as it will depend on the spinning schedule at the busy British mill where I am getting this spun, but will let you know when I get a batch in through the mailing list.

PLEASE NOTE:  the blues are no longer indigo dyed. It was too difficult getting  consistent hues and the process ended up being too toxic for me,so I am now acid dyeing the same rich colours.

If you have purchased some of the limited edition indigo-dyed Baskerville, read more about the unique properties of dyeing and working with Indigo