Beetlebum-ing along

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I cast on for Beettlebum the day after the last post and am really enjoying myself! Can you believe this is the first time I have knit something for myself with Westminster??? How crazy is that?

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster Beetlebum

I have to say – the lusciousness of the baby camel/silk makes knitting such a treat. I haven’t wanted to put my needles down since I started! The combo of the butter soft yarn and flawlessly written pattern is making this knit such a joy. Just LOOK at that gentle baby camel halo! Yum.

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster Beetlebum3

Typical of reds, this pink is hard to capture on camera. I tried to catch the slight orange tinge which made me name it ‘shantung‘ – as in pink Shantung silk, which is the hue it makes me think of – but the camera tends to overexpose and the nuances are lost. This was the closest I could get:

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster Beetlebum4

If any of you are going to Unravel at the end of Feb I should have some there so you can see it in the flesh! The new light fingering I am carrying in this blend means you get a bit more out of the skein and it is actually quite close to the heavy lace used in EastLondonKnit’s blue sample – perfect for this pattern.

Even with such a simple chart I have to admit to needing to keep my mind firmly on what I am doing. This is quite hard for me, as I am one of those people who regularly does 3 things at once! I have been told that I don’t pay enough attention to my knitting and am doing my best to change that. Taking heed of many admonishments I have been valiantly trying to pay more attention on what and how I am doing things. Mostly it works. When I think I am too cool to pay attention the lace knitting has a tendency to bite me in the arse. Nuff said. ;-?

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster Beetlebum2

I actually spent 3 hours calmly listening to music and ONLY knitting in a pool of sunlight on Sunday morning and it was such a joyous change of pace for me. Of course, I ruined it hours later when I hastily decided I was proficient enough to start watching my current obsession, Grey’s Anatomy with the knitting. Sure enough, within a row I had managed to screw something up and spent ages trying to sort it out.

One step forward…