Beetlebum – what you’ve done

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It feels like the FOs are coming hard and fast all of a sudden as the various samples I have been knitting for Unravel  come off the needles! I got my Beetlebum finished in less than 2 weeks and gave it a good blocking the other day.

I was quite surprised how far this one skein of Westminster got me. It turned out enormous! It is the largest crescent shaw I’ve made yet and the size is glorious.

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster Beetlebum8

I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the baby camel/silk in the blend holds the blocking, the lace staying crisply open without any help once off the pins, but still feeling exquisitely buttery.

I am not normally a big pink fan, but I think I am finally at a place in my life where I can enjoy it as just another hue, and not a negatively gendered signifier (this is what critical culture studies does to you!) I think it helps that the colour (shantung) has perfect silky orange-red glimmers which makes it feel more exotic in some way, more Indian-sari than bubblegum, if that makes sense. It is a brutally hard colour to photograph, though!


At first I was a little worried that the 533m might make the shawl a bit small, but my worries were completely unfounded, as I watched it grow larger and larger with each row. The final size bunches up beautifully around the neck with plenty left over for the striated wings to drape over the shoulders. Such a pretty design.

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster Beetlebum2

If you are wanting to make yours a little smaller to use a bit less yarn as well, the pattern is very well-written and very simple to modify for less yardage. I only did 10 repeats of rows 38 -43, instead of the recommended 11 in the pattern. This gave me a total of 14 Diamond motifs and 7 DCD columns before moving into the border. I had been weighing my yarn and aimed to have 10g left when I started Section 2: the body border.

Fortunately I didn’t realise how very close my little game of yarn-chicken came to disaster, as the ball had rolled off the sofa as I finished binding off! It was only as I came out of my FO daze that I realised how truly close to running out I’d come…

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster yarnchicken

Less than a metre left!!!! I was SO lucky. 😉

If anyone else is attempting this, give yourself 12 -15g to finish, just to be safe!