🌞Shop Update: Here Comes the Sun!🌞

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This week has been ridiculously lovely on the south coast of England, and I hope the weather has been good wherever you are as well.

I am down to the last few Lobster project bags but have new tomato-red Macbeth red in thicker Islington DK, British SW Bluefaced Leicester / Silk, to match this week.

There are a few new skeins of neutral café-au-lait Squirrelly and warm cream Light Squirrelly Islington DK as this weight and blend is so perfect for summer cardigans!

I’ve got a full range of stunning, complementary neutrals in the DK yarns now, shown in the header above. They are shown in the header above from top left: NEW Islington DK Light Squirrelly, Icicle, Beyul DK Yurt, NEW Islington DK Squirrelly, Beyul DK Sacred Saffron, Islington DK Copper, NEW Beyul DK Rhubarb and Balsam.

You could make a Yama from Rene’s stunning Zen Variations book from any of these yarns… I’ve still got a few copies of these in shop as well. Timeless and classic, this is perfect open or buttoned worn over dresses and jeans.

clockwise from top: Macbeth, Squirrelly, Light Squirrelly

Also new this week is bright leafy Jade in lighter fingering weight Beyul, baby Yak / silk/ ethical Merino. This punchy green is the perfect bright hue for summer, or for brightening up grey days when you get them. Shown below with restocked lighter, grassy Shrub and Steppe – this trio would make a perfect ombré!

from left: Jade, Shrub, Steppe

See all these goodies at  Pomfest in London on July 14th and 15th in the real. I’ll have limited stock, so if you are after something specific please email me to make sure I bring it for you to see.

All are now in shop !

New Pattern Alert! Looking at Loftus and Lucy Lightfoot

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Two new patterns have recently been released in Islington – British Bluefaced Leicester / Silk!

Perfect to protect your hair on rainy summer days Lucy Lightfoot by Jane Lithgow is a stunningly delicate looking, lacy beret in Islington DK. Jane designed it in Peony pink but you could also make this beauty out of Beyul DK, as the two blends are interchangeable in yardage and weight.

Clockwise from left: Beyul DK Jade, Islington DK Blighty, New Beyul DK Rhubarb, Islington DK Pom and Persimmon.

On the thinner side of the yarn spectrum is lacy Loftus by Clare Lakewood. Also designed in pink – Pink Panther – Loftus is fingering weight crescent shawl which begins with twisted stitches alternating with a clever mock cable for a fresh, graphic look.

This shawl is a perfect showcase for both Islington and Beyul’s shine and drape, but it would look fantastically rustic in Baskerville’s  old-school handle as well!

Clockwise from left: Islington Light Squirrelly, Macbeth, Kingfisher, Beyul Electric Amaranth, Islington L’heure Bleue and Beyul Yurt.

Shop Update: Fancy a bit of Rhubarb?

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June has arrived and I have a new Beyul DK hue this week! Rhubarb is a rosy, madder-like pink/orange that goes so nicely with all the blushes, yellows, greens and neutrals in this summer. Here it is on the drying rack with Islington Squirrelly and Light Squirrelly, which are restocked this update and will be available in DK soon as well. 🙃

In the squishiest baby yak, silk and ethically farmed merino this rounded DK is perfect for cables, lace and the most luxurious simple stitches like stockinette and garter.

After coveting this design for many years I’ve finally cast on a Siri by Linnéa Öhman in the hue and think it is going to be a jawdropper with Beyul’s stitch definition!

I’ve got two new fun brights in Twist Jumbo this week for Veera Välimäki’s Flyway Twist, two colour brioche shawl!

Top right in the photo above, both are fluorescent brights perfect for sunny days – Flamingo pink/orange and Key Lime green:

The original Pylon orange, Icicle and a few skeins of Rubber Ducky yellow are available as well. 😉


Another new goody in this week is a new project bag for summer. Another Copperplate Collection bag, screenprinted by hand in East London, Pudding is a mid sized bag for small jumpers, shawls and socks.

Featuring a mouthwatering array of Victorian style desserts in an old-school, line drawn style this beautiful bag will protect your projects in style.

Catch me at Pomfest in London on July 14th and 15th and to see all these goodies in the real.

All is now in shop for knitting fun! 😘

Shop Update



Make sure to get your tickets to Pomfest now before they sell out!  
Click the image for more details and to purchase
See you there!😉

Introducing – the SPARKLER BEANIE!

LInda Lencovic BEYUL

I’m so excited about Canadian designer Fiona Alice‘s cuter than cute new Beyul design, the Sparklers Beanie in Pom Pom Quarterly’s fifth Anniversary Issue, released today! What a cracker this edition is for the celebration!

Fiona designed this fun, bouncy beanie in bright Electric Amaranth pink and Yurt grey in my Baby Yak, Silk and ethically sourced superwash Merino blend. Two skeins is enough to make BOTH versions of the hat!

I’ve created a kit listing to make getting your yarn for this super easy. I also added some other variations – some of which are below. Click on the images to see the colour names and a close up:


Find the kit in the shop now!


📷 Fun photography by @nicolemlakar

SHOP UPDATE … and STILL waiting for Spring!

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Shop update today and I’ve got yet more warm DK for all of you as the weather hasn’t really warmed up for spring here yet. I’ve seen some pretty crazy Instagram posts of snow on the continent as well! EEEsh!

As a result I am still focusing dyeing on thicker weights and have gorgeously rich Orchid purple in the new, delicious Beyul DK, Yak/ silk/ Merino, this update! Silver linings, right? 😉

Orchid is a deliciously plummy purple with a warm glow – very, very rich.

I am thinking I will cast on another project from waaaay back in my queue in the purple – the Sibella Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge. The rounded ply of Beyul DK will make the lace at the top truly pop and the soft yak/ silk/ merino blend will feel like buttery heaven! Perfect yarn / pattern combo and I am glad I waited for the right yarn.

Or maybe an Enso by my pal Renée? I’ve been wanting to make this one for ages and the Beyul would make this simple staple something super-dooper special, letting the yarn shine as the feature!

Here are all the hues of Beyul DK now in stock. From the top left corner – Serpentine, Orchid, Balsam, Yurt, Sacred Saffron, Steppe, Black Quartz.

Make sure to sign up for the Kettle Krew mailing list if you want to see what else is restocked this week. I’ve not had a lot of time to keep the blog updated lately so the mailing list is your best bet for reliable info on what is new and exciting!

Shop update!

Tickets are now on sale and selling FAST for Pom Pom Quarterly’s 5th Anniversary party – Pomfest!  

I’ll be at the two day marketplace will be in London  Friday 15   – Saturday 16 July 2017.

Click the image for more details!


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from left: Islington Pom, Beyul Serpentine, Islington Manzanilla, Beyul Shrub & Steppe

EYF is this weekend and I wanted to make sure those of you that can’t make it don’t feel left out, so have prepared an update whilst I’m up north! 😘

Minty Islington Pom is once again back in stock for spring and I’ve got a new green Beyul, Serpentine, that I am debuting at the show in both fingering and DK this weekend. The both hues in fingering weight are available on the shop for you as well.

shop now!

For those of you who can make it up to Scotland join us against the right wall of the hall at booth C6! Come early and get in on some special EYF deals that won’t last long. 😉

Have a great weekend and see some of you there!


SHOP UPDATE  ✨Magic. Pure magic. ✨

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

[From left Islington DK in Tide, Persimmon, Old Smoke, Ochre, Nutkin, Copper]

Thanks to all of you who made it to Unravel and came to say hello! It was a brilliant show. Much busier than last year and we all had so much fun. 😍

One of the things I like best about shows is seeing everyone proudly wearing their knits. I spotted the lovely lady, below left, wearing her Angelus Novus, and as I had my green Waltham Aran version on I had to get the designer – Renée of East London Knit, of course – to take a shot for posterity!

I was also super excited to see everyone’s finished Kettle projects and actually managed to remember to get a shot of my newly crowned Beyul Queen 👑 ,Rachel (@raychball on instagram), in her newly blocked Coffee Date Shawl in Beyul Steppe, Turquoise Tarn and Orchid. Glorious!

I’ve been a busy, busy bee with the dyeing! I’ve got plenty of newness and restocked yarns after the show and in preparation for the next big date on the calendar, Edin Yarn Fest.

Below shows a small portion the Islington DK – Bluefaced Leicester/ silk – currently in shop. A good number of the stock Islington colours are now in the thicker weight. I’ve recently added smokey Tide blue and penny Copper.

Due to popular request I’ve got a new red for Beyul this month – Goji! The orange/red hue of dried goji berries this hue goes beautifully with the other Beyul hues and goes quite nicely with new rusty Copper in Islington fingering as well!

[Above – Islington Copper, Baskerville Dawn and Avocado-dyed, Islington Pink Panther]

I had a few skeins of the special edition Avocado-dyed Baskerville left over from Unravel and have put them up in the shop as a general listing for anyone who fancies them before Scotland!

Also, the last of the Super Chunky Waltham Aran is now on sale. 2 of each colour left …enough for Aeolica hats! Super soft British Bluefaced Leicester at its best.

And don’t forget the dropped pound!!
The US the $ is currently a whopping .80 on the £
The € is .84! Eeek for us but 🎉 for you!! 😆

These are all in shop now for your making pleasure!


LInda Lencovic ISLINGTON - British BFL/Silk, Kettle Yarn Co., shop update, shows

[Above from top – Nutkin, Copper, Squirrelly, Ochre, Light Squirrelly.]

I noticed a few of you commented on wanting more neutrals in the recent survey and, as I aim to please 😉, am introducing a lighter weight in neutral Ochre gold and restocked Copper, the hue of a lightly tarnished penny.

[Above from left – Beyul Steppe, Islington Mustard, new Ochre, and Sulphur.]

There are an array of yellows now in stock that you could use for a spectacular ombré-type project with some greys like the popular Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry!

These greys are also restocked to within an inch of their lives for a full grey gradient. Imagine the yellows with some Icicle, Blighty, Old Smoke for contrast! Right? Or throw in another texture like some Baskerville and Baskerville Dark. Perfection.


A small heads up – I’ll have 20 skeins of avocado-dyed Baskerville at Unravel in a few weeks. I made sure to put some of this gorgeous, naturally dyed delicate blush aside for the show, so make sure to come up to the Tannery (same place as last year, at the top of the stairs from the entrance) to get your skeins before they sell out!

As ever, don’t forget to sign up to the Kettle Krew mailing list for the full preview of the regular updates and other exclusive offers like last week’s avocado-dyed Islington!

You can shop the update now!

Special edition avocado-dyed Islington – today!

LInda Lencovic ISLINGTON - British BFL/Silk, Kettle Krew exclusive, Kettle Yarn Co.

Here is another Kettle Krew mailing list exclusive!

I’ve naturally dyed a special-edition batch of 10 skeins of Islington – British Bluefaced Leicester / Silk fingering –  with avocado this time!

Live on the shop tonight – these naturally-dyed beauties go on sale today at 6pm GMT for all Kettle Krew subscribers ONLY!

If you’ve not yet signed up, do so before 11 am and get a chance at these 10 exclusive skeins of limited edition avocado-dyed Islington, British Bluefaced Leicester / Silk fingering!

No mordants are used in this process as the tannins from the avocado are enough to set the dye, making this one of the most natural, least toxic dyeing processes available.

[Above, clockwise from bottom left – Icicle, avodado-dyed, Light Squirrelly, Squirrelly, Nutkin, Old Smoke and  Blighty]

These skeins were cooked in the dye creating the luminous barely-pink blush hue with a hint of peach.

You’ll get your password for the listing at 11am this morning. Write it down and be ready at 6 tonight to get your gorgeous avocado-blush Islington skeins tonight before they sell out. Get them before they sell out… The last batch of 20 avocado-dyed Baskerville went in less than an hour! 😉


SHOP UPDATE  classic sophistication…with a twist!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

This week’s update sees Islington Bluefaced Leicester / Silk neutrals restocked and a few new goodies! If you’ve been waiting for an ombré of warm browns like Nutkin, Squirrelly and Light Squirrelly, now is your chance!

[Above from left – Nutkin, Squirrelly and Light Squirrelly]

Edinburgh Yarn Festival’s Wool Tribe 2017 – The Festival Companion Magazine is now available for pre-order and you can now get it directly on the Kettle shop along with your yarn.

Whether or not you can make it to this year’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival the companion magazine will be a lasting souvenir of the UK’s premier hand-knitting event. Take part in the woolly celebrations even from afar!

This year’s edition features 6 exclusive accessory patterns by some of our favourite designers:

Belsyde – a triangular shawl designed by Renée Callahan in Kettle Baskerville ‘Dawn‘ and Islington ‘Siren Call‘.

Traquair – a hat & mitten set by Amanda B. Collins. You could use any of my 400m/100g fingering weight yarns for this – Baskerville with Islington would make a lovely contrast in texture.
Gladsmuir – a cushion cover designed by Jane Crowfoot. Baskerville would make this hardwearing and unforgettable.
Ormiston – a large shawl/wrap by Francesca Hughes. This would be amazing in Beyul DK or Islington DK.
Macmerry – socks by Clare Devine. Use Twist fingering for hardwearing socks.
Sunwick – a cosy cowl by Donna Smith. Use Beyul DK for this one!

The magazine is a limited edition print publication which comes with a Ravelry download code inside the magazine. A digital-only version will NOT be available, so get your hard copy now before it sells out like last year’s edition!

I’ll be shipping as soon as the copies arrive, so order your skeins with the magazine and wear your new finished objects at the show and show them off! 😉

Get your Wool Tribe!

New this week is Sulphur, a screechingly bright fluro-yellow in Islington Bluefaced Leicester / silk fingering. Shown above with Baskerville DARK and Beyul Iceberg and below right with Old Smoke and Icicle , this colour is the punchiest accent yarn in the Kettle palette and will kick any shawl into high definition!

As mentioned above – all the Islington browns are back in stock this week. From left below – Nutkin, Squirrelly and Light Squirrelly.
Here is a throwback to 2014 and my luminous Stones and Stripes wrap in Light Squirrelly.
Also restocked this week is Baskerville DARK – British Gotland / Exmoor Blueface / silk in dyed Leaden:

This is the dark grey used in my personal grey version of the Bovey cardigan with Dawn, which some of you tried on at Yarnporium:

These are all in shop now for your making pleasure!