Giveaway time!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

I’ve got a skein of small batch Baskerville Dawn and a mini skein of Ramble Burdock up for grabs in this social media giveaway!

To win:
1. Sign up to the Kettle Krew mailing list
2. Repost this image with tag #kettleyarnwin on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
3. Tag 2 maker friends you KNOW would want to play (no spamming  pls) 😉

I’ll draw from the hashtag next Sunday!



SHOP UPDATE: Hazel’s Stripes and new Islington Kelp

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

I’m introducing Islington fingering Kelp in this week’s update – a deep emerald with glints of bottle green!

This new hue is just in time for the release of Renée Callahan‘s gorgeous Hazel’s Stripes, another amazing design from her new RECOLLECTION.  Knit in Islington fingering, the finest British Bluefaced Leicester/ silk, it is a long, rectangular wrap which begins at one corner with just a few stitches and is worked on the bias towards the opposite corner.

Renée used 3 skeins of Islington for the sample:, 2 Copper and 1 Icicle.

This simple, sophisticated wrap can be dressed up in slinky silk-blend Islington or down as a scarf knit with rustic Ramble for an earthier, more rugged look. You can see and hear more about this amazing collection on Renée’s podcast! 🎉

Above is a little fun animation of more colour suggestions:
Voodoo and Blighty
Sacred Saffron and Squirrelly
Yurt and Light Squirrelly
Violet and Yurt
Turquoise Tarn and Old Smoke
Red Velvet and  Icicle
Gorse and Light Squirrelly
Burdock and  Icicle
Dusk and Blighty
Electric Amaranth and Icicle
Kelp and Light Squirrelly

Hazel would also be amazing with a skein of speckled yarn!

There are two skeins left in the Islington Speckle and, as I somehow managed to sell  my own skein of the Baskerville Dark ooak out from under myself this weekend, I dyed a few more Monday! There are 5 more skeins of this lovely yarn in shop now.

⭐️Kettle Krew Exclusive Preview – Baskerville DARK Speckle⭐️

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

More one of a kind speckle-y yarn this week! 💃🏾 I’ve dyed juicy gold, plum, chocolate and orange speckles on this glorious heathered charcoal, Gotland-rich base.

The skeins are available first to my lovely Kettle Krew members – from 1 pm GMT Friday January 19th to 9 am Saturday. Then listing will go live to everyone! As there are only 35 skeins they might sell out before Saturday. 😉

The link to the listing will be heading out to subscribers’ inboxes at 1pm Friday, so make sure you sign up before then to access the listing.


Jospehine LOVE and a shop update!

LInda Lencovic Baskerville, Kettle Yarn Co.

My good friend Renée Callahan has released new collection this week! Recollection features 6 designs to shine a spotlight on the material memories of projects, friendships, holidays and occasions.

I knit fingering weight Josephine in naturally heathered Baskerville Dark Nebulous with a contrast of  glimmering Islington in the lightest hand-dyed yarn possible, Icicle, paying homage to these two, stunningly different British breed yarns.

"These materials, with which we spend so much time when we knit, become impregnated with the memory of that project: the places we knit it, the person the finished object went to, the way we felt when we made it. Those things, feelings and memories are precious." - Renée Callahan

A symphony of contrasts, Nebulous’ softly rustic halo plays off of Icicles’ sleek shine, creating a joyful knit you won’t want to put down and will be proud to showcase over the years.

This collection has been a real labour of love for Renée and has been many years in the making, and I am really proud of her for bringing it all together so beautifully. You can see and hear more about this amazing collection on Renée's podcast, and get a chance to win one of three copies! 🎉 
Back in stock this week is perennial favourite - Islington fingering in L'heure Bleue. Like a good pair of blue jeans, this hue goes with everything.

Islington L'heure Bleue

Kit Camisole
 by Bristol Ivy

Also restocked is warm neutral Islington fingering, Ochre, and in Beyul fingering Black Quartz has been updated:

Restocked in DK is Kingfisher, Copper and Blighty:

Find them all in shop now!

MORE Baskerville Speckle!

LInda Lencovic Baskerville, Kettle Yarn Co.

Baskerville fingering
100g /400m, small- batch Exmoor Blueface/ British Gotland/ Silk

Ringing in the new year with more über-special, one-of-a-kind speckle yarn! On a space-dyed  natural grey and charcoal base is a riot of fluorescent yellow, orange and charcoal speckles.

Beyul Singles Steppe (also available in plied Beyul) and Islington Voodoo

I had no idea how popular these would be with the last batch and got a lot of queries when the other exclusive speckle skeins sold out, so there 20 of these exclusive skeins this time. 😉

Beyul Singles Rhubarb (also available in plied Beyul)

Pair them with a skein of silky Islington for a stripe-y extravaganza.  As every skein of speckle yarn is unique your skein will be chosen specifically to match the contrast yarn included your order.

Islington Icicle and Voodoo

Happy New year my lovelies!

I can't begin to tell you how much your support and company on social media has mean to me this last year. I've enjoyed sharing our creating journeys and knowing that I am no alone in my desire to become a better, more conscientious maker.
May this coming year be filled with joy, love and may the making genie bless you with many successful projects to cherish!

Linda x

You could use your new Baskerville skein to knit Justyna Lorkowska's new speckled shawl release, Féile
Need some more single-skein ideas on what to pair your speckle with?
Islington Sulphur
Islington Voodoo
Beyul Singles Steppe (also available in plied Beyul)
Islington Icicle
Baskerville, reviewed by Clara Parkes, the Yarn Whisperer:
‘The fibers have been combed for smoothness and cohesion, but the yarn still had a pleasant degree of stickiness and “grab” to it. The two plies stayed together, never snagging or untwisting. I moved from a scrumptious garter-stitch to a perky three-dimensional feather and fan before settling on smooth stockinette. Each stitch was a pleasure.’ Clara Parkes, Knitter's Review
 See more of what Clara says about Baskerville…

NEW Baskerville DK small-batch British yarn!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.


Baskerville DK -  Exmoor Blueface / Gotland / Silk 100g = 255 yards (233 meters)
I hope you are all winding down for the holidays this week and planning your holiday makes.

I got an unexpected Xmas present from the John Arbon mill this year - my first batch of Baskerville DK! I wasn't expecting this till well after the holidays but spin master John managed to find enough super soft Gotland for this yuletide batch.

Hailing from the mysterious West Country moors Baskerville is lovingly spun in small batches exclusively for Kettle Yarn Co. This new British blend is like no other, melding the lustrous, velvety crimp of fine British Gotland and the frothy loft of Exmoor Blueface. With a hint of luminous silk adding a gentle shimmer, this unique blend is a subtly modern take on traditional rustic yarns.

A gentle 2-ply yarn, Baskerville is spun worsted, twisted lightly, to create the airy thick-and-thin character of traditional handspun with combed fibres for strength and softness. This unique blend blooms fully on blocking with separate stitches hugging together to create a light warm fabric with subtle drape that wears beautifully.

A truly exceptional heirloom quality yarn, it is simple to keep your Baskerville items looking new for many years to come as any tiny pills can easily be removed without damage to other fibres.

Email me if you fancy being a test knitter for the hat after the holidays. ;-*

The  natural heathered grey, Dawn, is glorious - perfect for quick hats and mitts! I've designed a new hat in the blend, a hat to go with the Aeolica Wristwarmers, but I it needs some testing before it can be released. Here is it so you can get an idea of the stitch definition in Baskerville DK. It is pretty amazing!

As you can see in the header, I've already cast on I've cast on Ancasta from the first Laine Magazine in Baskerville DK. It is going to be delicious. 🙊

I hope you love the new thicker weight as much as I do... Find it in shop today!

Shop Baskerville DK
Need some ideas on what to make with your Baskerville DK? See below for more ideas:
Some of you might remember by Sourcebook Sideways Pullover in doubled Baskerville fingering. This is still, hands, down, my most impressive knit!
Or what about knitting a deliciously neck-hugging Dorado?
Another fantastic winter warmer would be a wooly-warm Pavilion. It would be stunning in this blend!
I am planning a super cozy Baskerville DK Oscuro Sweater for my wardrobe soon, too!
Baskerville, reviewed by Clara Parkes, the Yarn Whisperer:
‘The fibers have been combed for smoothness and cohesion, but the yarn still had a pleasant degree of stickiness and “grab” to it. The two plies stayed together, never snagging or untwisting. I moved from a scrumptious garter-stitch to a perky three-dimensional feather and fan before settling on smooth stockinette. Each stitch was a pleasure.’ Clara Parkes, Knitter's Review
 See more of what Clara says about Baskerville…

Exclusive Speckle gift kits

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

I’ve created super-special, one of a kind speckle yarn gift kits for gifting ease if you are struggling to find something for a maker in your life.

Based around these speckle Islington skeins with pinks, blues and a tiny dots of yellow, the kits come in two colourways.
1. Blue: Beyul Delft, Speckle, Baskerville Dawn – £72

2. Pink: Baskerville Avocado Dye 2, Speckle, Beyul Electric Amaranth -£76

The First Light by Veera Välimäki?

Or if you want something with a bit more oomph, what about a three colour Speckle & Pop Shawl by Stephen West, like chrisstrickt‘s amazing version?

There are only a small number of each kit so find them in shop now!

NEW Project Bags for Gifting!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

image title

Perfect for gifting these thick, washed linen-like bags have a natural leather handle and golden embroidered dot, adding a touch of sophistication to your precious WIPs. With a coated cotton lining to keep your needles from poking through, these are all made with Oeko-tex certified providers for weaving, dyeing and printing.

Perfect for light  jumpers or large shawls.
Size: 23L x 28H x 10W cm
Available in two colours:
forest – deep green
peacock – teal

image title
Perfect for small projects like socks or light shawls.
Size: 18H cm x 22L x 9W cm
Available in three colours:
sky – blue
sunset – madder rose
mustard – yellow

Find them in shop now!

Oeko-tex is an independent testing and certification label that guarantees environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manufacturing. This means that these bags are free from products that are harmful to the body and the environment.*

Tons of favourites Restocked!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

There are plenty of yarns and bags restocked this week in time for holiday giving!

image title

Shown above in fingering, with links to restocked yarns: Beyul Rhubarb, Pink Panther,  NEW Beyul SINGLES Rhubarb , BlightyIcicle, Beyul SINGLES Iceberg and  Beyul Serpentine.

image title

A colour I’ve only done once before, semi-solid Islington fingering Mustard is now back in as well! It is a canary yellow with darker semi-solid areas that will look amazing in shawls.

Fair Trade Shawl Brass Pins  are also back in stock:
image title

See more in shop »


LInda Lencovic BEYUL, Kettle Yarn Co.

I’m introducing Beyul SINGLES this week! From Baby Yak • Silk • ethically sourced superwash Merino, this super soft, light fingering is made from one ply of fibre, which makes it delicate and best suited to light use items that will not see a lot of abrasion like shawls and hats.

✨The 100g skeins hold a huge 480 m / 522 y, perfect for a big shawl.✨

The available hues are:

yurt, iceberg, rhubarb

I’ve only dyed 5 skeins of each colour for this update, but the listings have been set to allow back orders whilst I gauge the interest for this blend. Once the available skeins are gone you can continue to purchase and I will fill all orders by the end of November.

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend singles for low-abrasion items only as they are much more delicate than multi-plied Beyul, and will pill as a result.

steppe, yurt, iceberg

Also new this week in thick, warm Beyul DK is beautiful duck’s egg, Iceberg. I’ve started Sharman in Bristol Ivy’s new book, Knitting Outside the Box and the blend is perfect for the lace pattern.

It is SO addictive and such a pleasure to knit, watching the luscious, sculptural petals form in this deliciously thick yarn. This light icy blue really plays up the blend’s heathered construction and the silk highlights the texture. Perfection.

Sharman image © Amy Gwatkin

Steppe, Black Quartz, Yurt and Delft have also recently been restocked and there are a good range of hues to pick from for your own Sharman. Find them all in shop now.

from top left: Balsam, Boysenberry, Black Quartz, Jade, Yurt, Steppe, Iceberg, Fleur, Delft.

Happy making!

Linda x

New Mulberry Purple Baskerville!

LInda Lencovic Baskerville, Kettle Yarn Co., original designs, The Boardwalk Collection

I’ve added a new colour to Baskerville this week, a deep plum purple called Mulberry. This small batch blend of British Exmoor Blueface, Gotland and Silk is back in stock in the full range of blues and greys!

I’ve been reimagining all the Baskerville Dawn to Dusk book designs in purple now. 😊

Look at Bristol Ivy’s Plym and Courteny Spainhower’s Bovey above in purple. Great, right?

From top left Karie Westermann’s Okement from Baskerville Dawn to Dusk II: NEW Mulberry, Umbra, Dawn, Avocado 1, Dusk, Leaden.

I also went a little crazy with Karie’s Okement shawl in a number of the Baskerville hues!

20 skeins of Mulberry are now ready for you in the shop, along with the other hues and both Baskerville books for knitting and crochet pattern support in the blend.

Also this week, in time for early holiday planning, I’ve reset the option to back order the most popular projects bags and shawl pins. ! I’ll be doing a special order of all these items mid November in time to ship worldwide.

Get them ordered now and make sure you have them for your special loved ones!🎄

Lighter Sangria and Restocked Goodness!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

From top left: Islington Macbeth, NEW Beyul Fleur, Islington Padparadscha, Beyul
Rhubarb, Islington Sangria and Persimmon, Fox Crescent pouch, Penanular brooch

5 skeins Sangria in Islington British Bluefaced Leicester  fingering weight has been added to the shop this week. This dark, rich oxblood goes gorgeously with the other hues now in stock as a warm, deep autumnal hue.

You can mix Sangria with Beyul, as I’ve shown in the stunning array in the header. With the exception of Fleur, all of these hues and accessories are available in both fingering and DK in the shop. You could easily swap lighter Balsam for Fleur in fingering weight to get a similar effect. 😉

There are now three reds in stock for Islington:
Macbeth – tomato
Red Velvet – cherry
Sangria – oxblood

From left: Islington Voodoo, new Ramble HawthorneSangria, BaskervilleAvocado 1Squirrelly.

Dark, delicious Voodoo and Squirrelly in Islington has also been restocked.

There is no proper shop update next week as I’ll be in Oslo for the Strikkefestival. Hope to see some of you there!

Get all yarns above now in shop. 😘

Linda x



Shop Update: New hues in DK!

LInda Lencovic Aran, BEYUL, ISLINGTON DK, Kettle Yarn Co.

Yarns shown from top left: Beyul Rhubarb, Boysenberry, Islington DK Sangria, Beyul Fleur, Balsam, Yurt.

This week’s shop update is all about thicker, warmer yarns. I’ve got two new colours and some restocked hues in Islington DK and Beyul DK. The two blends can easily be used together as they are exactly the same thickness.

First new huw is Islington DK in autumnal Sangria. Perfect with restocked  neutrals Nutkin and Squirrelly, this hue is – a rich oxblood.

Also new this week, but in the Beyul baby Yak, silk, Merino blend is Fleur – a gentle blush pink, more saturated than Balsam. You can see the two side by side above to get a sense of how lovely they’d work as an ombre with Yurt.

Restocked this week from top left above:
Islington fingering and DK Nutkin, Kingfisher, DK Blighty and Beyul fingering and DK Delft.

I’ve added a listing on the shop this week to let you pre-order skeins of Waltham Aran greys, Peaky Blinder and silver Graveney. Waltham is spun from the softest non-superwash British Bluefaced Leicester for knits that will last you decades.

Here are some brilliant Waltham designs to keep you warm this winter! From left: Paulina Popiolek’s lush cardi-coat Kodiak, my Brynja cardigan, glorious warm All I want by Joji Locatelli and the versatile huge of a cardi, Angelus Novus by Renée Callahan.

I’ve decided to sell this weight on pre-order only and will be making it available when I can. The listing will only be open until the end of October, so get it now to avoid disappointment. 😉

Take Two! Introducing Baskerville – dawn to dusk II

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

Baskerville dawn to dusk II is the second collection of designs showcasing small- batch British breed Baskerville yarn. Featuring the unique blend in four knit designs by Renée CallahanBristol IvyLinda Lencovic and Karie Westermann, these designs show off Baskerville’s versatility through a range of simple techniques.This collection is available as a 24 page booklet printed on uncoated, FSC (from well managed forests or recycled stock manufactured to ISO 14001 ), chlorine-free paper with environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks.

Take a closer look at the fabulous patterns included and get full pattern details on Ravelry.

All colours of small-batch Baskerville, British Exmoor Blueface / Gotland / Silk, are now back in stock and ready to ship.

from left: Leaden, Nebulous, Dawn, Umbra, Eventide, Dusk

I also have skeins of the special-edition avocado dye left from last week you can use for these patterns:

from left:  Avocado 1 – A very light blush that reads almost as Oyster, Avocado 2 – A light delicate pink / peach, natural Dawn

Avocado is Good For You: more naturally dyed Islington & Baskerville!

LInda Lencovic Baskerville, ISLINGTON - British BFL/Silk, Kettle Yarn Co.

from top left: Baskerville Dawn, Avocado 1, Avocado 2, Islington Avocado, Islington Copper, Beyul Rhubarb, Ramble Hawthorne, Heather, Meadowsweet.

I’ve naturally dyed 3 more special-edition batches of Baskerville and Islington with avocado! Stunning paired with grey or browns, this delicate blush hue is a perfect foil for the other madder-like reds I have this season and I’ve created a colour wheel above with the various hues I’ve got in stock to show you how wonderful they look next to each other.

There are three blush-y pink-peaches available this time. Two are in my small-batch Baskerville, British Gotland, Exmoor and Silk. Shown below next to natural grey Dawn, Avocado 1 is a warm pink/Oyster, whilst Avocado 2 is more saturated blush:

The Islington – British Bluefaced Leicester / Silk, directly above, is slighty darker than previous batches and would be amazing used with the other 2! The contrast of the shine in the silk against the halo of Gotland would be DIVINE. 😉

Every skein is truly one of a kind as there is a larger variation of colour due to the the natural dye process, and there are a only a small number available in each batch due to the number of Avocados needed to achieve the colour.

The first time I dyed with avocado I immediately cast on a Sourcebook Sideways Pullover by Norah Gaughan, using a strand of Dawn with the avocado dyed yarn to make it a full DK weight. This jumper is, hands down, the knitting make I am thus far most proud of! (Evidenced by smug face below). 😋

I am sorely tempted to drop all other projects and get a Starting Point by Joji Locatelli on the needles this weekend in some of these with an accent of black Islington Voodoo and Ochre gold. I think this would be another hands-down winner, and a portable blanket as well!

I am releasing all 3 colours this Friday Sept 22nd at 5 pm GMT. Be forewarned, these generally sell out fast, so try to get the skeins while they last.  😉

Shop Avocado dyed!

Get ready for the RAMBLE Knitalong!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

 Hawthorne, Heather, Gorse

I’m considering starting a Ramble Knit Along for October! I think it would be super exciting to see all the projects you are making with my new small-batch, woolen spun Ramble all in one place, so figured starting a KAL for the new blend would be the thing to do! I’ve spent a lot of time over the last while planning what to make with my new baby.

  Heather, Gorse, Sloe

Available in 7 complementary hues, Ramble is an airy twirl of the finest British-reared Romney and Shetland fibres sourced directly from local British farms.

@brityarn has me thinking about Vellamo by Francesca Hughes from the cover of Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 18: Autumn 2016! The details of this jumper are lovely. 😍

Here are some combo ideas I whipped up while planning my own Vellamo.

Green/blue clockwise from top left:
1. Sloe, Meadowsweet, Burdock    2. Burdock, Nightshade, Sloe   3. Burdock, Nightshade, Hawthorne   

Greys clockwise from top left: 
1. Nightshade, Meadowsweet, Gorse   2. Heather, Meadowsweet, Gorse  3. Nightshade, Hawthorne, Gorse
4. Meadowsweet and Gorse

 Red clockwise from top left:
1. Hawthorne, Heather, Gorse  2. Heather, Hawthorne, Gorse   3. Hawthorne, Nightshade, Meadowsweet
4.  Heather, Hawthorne, Sloe

I’ve  added a thread on my Ravelry Group, so if you’d like to take part, please leave a comment this week and let me know. I’ll come up with some fab prizes and a date for this to kick off once I get enough people willing to take part. Maybe starting the 1st of October as I’ve got a few things to finish up for Oslo Strikkefestival 2017.

Who is in? 🙃 You can knit whatever you’d like in the blend and take part. Please join in with some pattern suggestions of your own and add images and links to make it easy for the rest of us.

I’ve created a Ramble KAL Pinterest board and am adding all the patterns I’ve considered that I think will work really nicely in this woolen-spun yarn...check it out for suggestions!


Shop Update! Under the Sea

LInda Lencovic BEYUL, ISLINGTON - British BFL/Silk, Kettle Yarn Co., Project Bags, shop update

New Atlantis project bag, Doolittle Bear, Llamallamallama, Natural Hisotry, Ships Ahoy, Cabin
I’m introducing a new design in the extra large project bags this week – new Atlantis!

This lovely design features seadogs, cats and a merman bringing you a bottle of gin. What more could you ask for?

  • Sturdy, triangle zipped bag with tassel and zip
  • thick canvas cotton with silver vegan pleather lining
  • 16 x 30 cm, perfect for medium to large jumpers
All of the large project bags are also back in stock if you’ve been waiting for them, along with the teal Llamallamallama pouch!

These bestsellers have been set to allow backorders on the shop and will be restocked every few weeks until the holidays.

Black Quartz, Balsam, Yurt, Bosenberry, Orchid
New, lighter and more semi-solid Beyul purple, Boysenberry, is now also available in fingering weight as well as DK. Rhubarb fingering and DK is back in stock and shipping this week.

Islington fingering and DK Kingfisher is restocked as is fingering Copper.

RAMBLE Hawthorne, Beyul Rhubarb, Islington Copper

I’ve realised I’ve dyed quite a few hues that are a similar madder-type red lately! These three above are lovely together as a tonal and blend contrast for a striped or colour blocked something special.

Find them all in shop for your making pleasure!


LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

Small-batch British-reared Romney / Shetland fingering weight yarn
100g = 437 yards (400 meters)
Ramble Yarn
From left above: Gorse, Heather, Hawthorne, Sloe, Nightshade, Meadowsweet, Burdock.
Think Shetland haps, Fair Isle and Fisherman’s jumpers, or just deliciously toothsome garter; Ramble melds the softest grades of traditional fibres into a delicately lightweight, springy yarn. Drawing on a centuries-rich history of sheep rearing and wool production from the Shetland Isles and England’s smugglers paradise, Romney Marshes, this yarn is lightly processed, and woolen spun into a heathered, sheepy cloud.
Meadowsweet, Heather, Hawthorne.
Meadowsweet, Heather, Sloe.
Available in 7 complementary hues, Ramble is an airy twirl of the finest British-reared Romney and Shetland fibres sourced directly from local British farms. The fibres are spun and dyed at one of Britain’s few remaining woolen mills, creating a yarn perfect for colourwork, twisted stitches, cables and rustic lace shawls. It’s fleecy 2-ply construction blooms into a lightweight fabric, helping to even irregular stitches into a closely knit, cohesive material with a gorgeously rustic hand.

Above: Walkham by Hanna Maciejewska  Gorse.

From left: Meadowsweet, Heather, Burdock, Nightshade, Gorse.

Ramble’s gauge is very flexible; knit densely it produces a warm, durable fingering-weight fabric, knit loosely it can be a more lofty and bouncy sport to DK weight as the woollen-spun yarn expands to fit spaces left by larger needles. You can also hold two strands together for thicker Fisherman’s jumpers, choosing 2 different colours for a traditional marled effect.

East or West by Joji Locatelli in Meadowsweet, Gorse and Nightshade

A truly exceptional heirloom quality yarn, it is simple to keep your Ramble items looking new for decades to come as any tiny pills can easily be removed without damage to other fibres.

This blend will only be available in small-batches as only the finest graded fibres of Shetland and Romney will be used for this yarn.

Find Ramble in shop now!

Never Enough Summer!

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co.

from left: Islington fingering, nutkin, copper, light squirrelly, NEW creamsicle, persimmon
Most of us here in the UK have been feeling pretty sad at the weather lately. Summer seems to have left us too soon, but the upside of this is that Autumn knitting has arrived early!

Thoughts are turning to thicker knits and I’ve dyed some lovely semi-solid Waltham Aran in Lapis blue for some nice, thick, Brynja-like, cabled knitwear!

Or maybe a thick All I want shawl to stave off the cold with Graveney silver?

If you are still somewhere warm and properly sunny I have a new Islington fingering-weight hue this week, I’ve called this one Creamsicle in a fit of summer dreaming.

from left: Islington fingering, nutkin, peony, NEW creamsicle, padparadscha

A light, creamy honeydew melon with speckles of orange, this hue is a lovely light choice with warm Nutkin, which has been restocked this week.

All yarns are in shop for your making pleasure!

Happy weekend all. 😘

Shop Update

I’ll be at Oslo Strikke Festival this year! See you there!