Casting on for hope

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co., LOMOND - Baby Alpaca/Merino/Bamboo, work in progress

You know that feeling when you really WANT to love something…but can’t? So you tell yourself it is fine. It will grow on you. You’re just being too picky?

Surely it can’t just be me, right? ūüėČ

This was my experience with the Purl Bee¬†City Cape. It was cute. I WANTED to love it. But just couldn’t do it.



See that pin on the top left? I used this or anything else I had on hand to constantly try and pin the front together for warmth. The arm holes were awkward under jackets and I couldn’t quite get comfortable in it, constantly fussing with it in some way. It was official and I had to finally admit it. I am just not a cape person.

Then I saw this and knew what the yarn wanted to be:

Charlotte Cardigan РIMAGE © carrie bostick hoge

When I saw this a-line and fully buttoned version of ¬†Carrie‘s¬†Charlotte Cardigan¬†I realised it is perfect for these precious last skeins of Lomond.¬†Miles of spongy garter and a high-ish neckline to keep drafts out. I considered knitting it in Waltham as it would last longer and wear much more hardily, but just couldn’t leave the Lomond trapped in the body of the cape…so on an impulse late one evening gave it the frog.



I ended up with another enormous ball of wool (I really should have split it but wanted to see how big the ball would get at nearly 5 skeins!!), but it was too satisfying seeing the ball grow and I got carried away. Simple pleasures for simple minds, right? ;-B



I was hoping that I might get a chance to my Charlotte¬†this on jury duty this week, but was shocked to learn that you can’t take knitting needles into the court house AT ALL. And to make matters worse there is little to no¬†internet available, which is going to make the days very, very long. There is definitely an element of being held hostage in this process and it is only made worse by the fact that I don’t even think I’ll be paid the bare minimum per day for the service as don’t yet have a first tax return to show proof of my average earnings.

To say I am not pleased is a huge understatement. Feral is a bit more accurate.

I can only self-soothe by knitting on the 2+ hour train journey to Lewes and¬†by looking forward to the Pom Pom Christmas Party this Saturday. Think I will be needing a stiff drink at the end of this week and can’t think of a better place to get some Christmas cheer.

Hope to see some of you there?