Charm KAL and shop update

LInda Lencovic Kettle Yarn Co., Knit A Long

I had the good fortune the other day to try on the ‘small’, one skein, size of the shawl at Loop on Thursday. Not only did I get to try it on and discuss its construction with the designer herself, but Juju , bless her, then spent a goodly amount of time taking photos of me and finally managed to catch me not gurning! Amazing!

Linda in Charm

As you can see in the photo, the small is remarkably large and the crescent shape makes it perfect for covering that vulnerable v in most jackets that always leaves your neck freezing in cold weather. I think it even wrapped around three times!

I also found out when talking to Juju that the shawl is knit all-in-one, so there is no adding the trim at the end – perfect for lazy knitters like me – and much quicker for holiday gifts! Though she did say it would be very easy to stripe the body of the shawl and have a solid border, or to hold two yarns together for the body and one for the edge, like I’ve been thinking of doing all along.

For those of you that might of missed it I updated the shop on Saturday and there are now more fingering colours available for the Charm Knit A Long starting November 1st. There is more ISLINGTON and KENSINGTON and, last minute, I even dyed up some WESTMINSTER hand painted with a new colourway for the KAL (Hyde green shown below):

I know there are a few new people joining in the KAL and if you haven’t seen the group page already, check it out! Can’t wait to start!