Fandango bound!!

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Driving in to London for IKnit’s Fandango yarn festival today! Gulp. Just getting the last bits packed up and then to the post office to get some orders out…then we are on our way.

SO excited. I was looking at the location yesterday and realised this is right in my old stomping grounds near Chelsea College of Art, so I must have walked past Lindley Hall a thousand times and never knew the beauty this orange brick building concealed. There is something poetic about ending up in the area again with my own business 8 year after my masters degree. Feels like a milestone thinking of the long journey to today!

We are to the right of the room next to the Iknit stand.

I have a number of new colours and even some show exclusives…

…and also managed to get the buttons sewn on to my Tambourine, so you can check it out in person! I have a few skeins of the new Islington DK in stock, so if you are after the DK, I’d head our way first. There are only a few of each colour for this show.

Tambourine by Julie Farwell-Clay in new Islington DK, Verdigris

Tambourine by Julie Farwell-Clay in new Islington DK, Verdigris

Yet again, the lovely and most talented Renée (aka designer EastLondonKnit) – will be be helping me both Friday and Saturday. We’ll have samples of her glorious designs and you can buy patterns and try them on at the booth!

Kettle Yarn Co Westminster Beetlebum9

Beettlebum by Renee Callahan in Westminster Shantung

I CANNOT WAIT to see everyone! See you soon…

The online shop will be closed for the weekend and will reopen  after I’ve had a chance to count all the stock and update listings!