Japanese fabric madness. A monster is born.

LInda Lencovic work in progress

I seem to be following a Japanese theme this week. Twice now I’ve mentioned this Kokka Echino Decoro – Stag fabric in Mustard purchased at  Village Haberdashery in West London. It rocks my world and I can’t stop thinking about it and what it must become:


I have been looking at the fabric and Colette Myrtle pattern I bought for it and decided the dress wasn’t quite retro enough for what I was seeing in my mind’s eye with the fabric, but also wanted to keep it as simple as possible, as my sewing track record thus far has been a bit…variable!

I started trolling images of projects and trying to find a more suitable beginner pattern and then saw this post over at Miss Make and was SOLD. Not only was the skirt super simple, but it having a top and skirt separate would make them more versatile and let me get twice as much wear out of this FABULOUS fabric! Worn together with a belt it will look like a dress. Perfect.

Regretfully and somewhat guiltily have to admit that this is not the only pattern I purchased from Sewbox. Ahem.

As I couldn’t decide if the Belcarra was the EXACTLY right top, but I really like the pleats on the shouler, I so got it and the Colette Sencha Blouse after seeing the high neck version on the ever-cute Tilly and the Buttons… just in case. As one does.

Oh. And I did I mention I bought a real, up to date sewing machine too? eeep. There is a whole story behind that as well, as neighbours down the street stole the first one City Link delivered to them when I wasn’t home! But John Lewis sent a new one and all is good (though not sure they ever got the other one back!).

And of course once I started it all went downhill as I HAD to check out my favourite Etsy fabric shop Miss Matatabi. More Japanese goods, but fabric this time.

Naturally I found this cotton/hemp fabric that I HAD to have ON SALE. I love the hand sketched quality of the bears. And, let’s face it, people, GRIZZLY BEARS!! Too good. Makes me think of home. 😉

It was hard to choose between the yellow and the bright turquoise version,

But…yellow it had to be, even though my wardrobe is starting to look like Big Bird’s. So then, naturally, I on to find a pattern for the medium weight fabric. Back to Tilly’s blog and saw this skirt. Done. But …then… it arrived and I realised it would make the most amazing vintage sundress. The fabric has this woody quality to it that feels so retro. Can’t you just imagine? Even my partner, who can be a bit conservative, admitted it would be a stunning dress!

Here is me mocking it up with a belt:

So I may have bought the remaining 2m at Miss Matatabi. Maybe. A little.

I feel like I am haemorrhaging money I really don’t have at the moment, but the compulsion was too strong. (Does anyone else ever do this? Start spending more money than practical and then completely LOSE IT? I haven’t done this in a long time, but made up for it with this spree.)

Fingers crossed my sewing mojo improves quickly after this shopping spree! ;-?