Exotic inspirations – new Islington 2015 palette!

LInda Lencovic inspiration, ISLINGTON - British BFL/Silk

The hardest part for me in developing new palettes and colourways is coming up with the names for the new hues. Colours flow out of my head quite instinctively, but when it comes down to picking names, the agony begins.

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image credits: parapadschada ruby- starruby.in, James Pillow peony – 4peonies.com, traditional Nepalese marigold garlands from chinadaily.com

Having worked in a yarn shop, I know how important it is to name the colours things that are close to the actual hues, making it easy for LYS staff searching for orders in a packed back room. Unfortunately, this means having to search high and low for names that aren’t dull but also describe the hues I am dyeing.

I’ve been dreaming of sun-filled cities and exotic markets the last few weeks as I’ve been getting the new Islington  hues together in this dreary British winter, so the new names reflect those daydreams and the 2015 palette is suitably saturated for spring!

Here is a little peek into my inspiration for the new hues in the shop update at 5pm GMT today.

Islington 'Parapadschada' and parapadschada ruby at  Star Ruby.in

ISLINGTON ‘Parapadschada’

Parapadshcada was probably the easiest for me to name as these rubies have always been a big favourite of mine from my goldsmithing days! The orange/pink shade makes me think of Saris and Dragonfruit – spicy and fun!

ISLINGTON Marigold with Tihar garlands from chinadaily.com


Noticing a lot of spicy tangerine on the runways this spring, the tangy Marigold is the yellow-orange of marigold garlands used in Indian weddings and Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations.

ISLINGTON 'peony' and James Pillow peony from 4peonies.com


Another of my personal favourite things, Peony is named for my very favourite spring blossoms, with their gloriously generous, delicate blush-y pink blooms.

The three are beautiful together for a zingy new summer shawl or top:

New hues from left: parapadschada, marigold, peony

New hues from left: parapadschada, marigold, peony

All will be available in the new shop at 5 pm GMT today!

Some more Islington DK is also available and new hues in other blends as well…for a preview of the skeins available on the updates, make sure to sign up to the mailing list.