New year. New KNITS!

LInda Lencovic BEYUL, inspiration, Kettle Yarn Co., WESTMINSTER - Baby Camel/Silk

Happy New Year everyone! So excited about this new year as so many things are finally just the way I want them. I have a new home by the sea in a beautiful new town, I am finally working full time on the business and can devote ALL my energy to the yarn, and the year is starting off with a bang at Unravel next month! How much better can it all get, I ask you?

Well…check out these projects I am just about to cast on and see what you think!

EastLondonKnit has managed to come out with yet another gorgeous shawl that is stunningly elegant, contemporary and yet simple enough for the likes of me to cast on – check out more lovely photos of Beettlebum on Ravelry. I am thinking I will knit it up in Westminster camel/silk light fingering ‘Shantung‘ – that mimics bright pink silk shantung in it’s screaming orange/pink shimmer. It is just slightly thicker than the lace weight Renée used for the pattern, but I think it will work beautifully!

beetlebum_Renee_Callahan_1_medium2 copy

Also, a little heads up that this talented lady hit her goal of designing and publishing a pattern EVERY month last year!!! What a champ! She’s having a 2 for 1 promotion until January 15th on her blog if you want to pick up a few of these gems now! Congrats Ms. ELK!

Then today, I was waffling about organising yarns when I should have been preparing the last bits for my tax return and came across this Beyul colour combo again – Black Quartz, Yurt and Steppe. I just keep coming back to it and drooling.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.09.24

I posted it on Instagram and the wonderful vinca56 suggested ravello by Isabell Kraemer as a possible for the combo:

Perfect, right?? But then I kept trolling through Isabell’s patterns and saw this prototype for her …against all odds (Max) design and now I am torn!

The latter also has this super cute button detail…

that I could finally use my hoarded little wooden mouse button on!

Too perfect, right?

But WHAT TO START FIRST?? Decisions, decisions.