One/Five – Naloa

LInda Lencovic Naloa, One / Five

As those of you that follow me on Twitter and Instagram already know, I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with allergies. I think I’ve finally nailed it down and the culprit might be…Alpaca. The horror! The fibre has been a favourite of mine for years now so I’ve been loathe to admit it might be the thing that is giving me serious hives and hideously piggish swollen lips!

Finally starting to come to terms with it, I am looking at the items with Alpaca in my wardrobe I wear regularly and thinking of how I will reknit them.


First and foremost on this list is my beloved Naloa, which I originally knit in Beyul – yak/silk/merino – and Cambridge – silk/alpaca/cashmere. I really love the neutral colours I chose for it the first time around and considered knitting it again in Yurt and Islington Icicle, a similar light silver to the original, but with more silky drape, to recreate it, but then thought – what if…?

And out sprung this week’s One/Five!

There are so many combos just within the Beyul range that I easily came up with five variations that would work beautifully for a more colourful version for summer.

Of course the first combo I had to mock up was the Steppe/Black Country pairing as I just can’t seem to stop with the grellow lately!


Then I moved into purple/yellow with Temple and Steppe…


…Black Country and Electric Amaranth for a bit of zing…


…a more subtle pairing of Monk’s Robe and Yurt…


and finishing of with a slight ombre effect using Turqouise Tarn and Iceberg!

As I am still abroad with family stuff at the moment there is no rush to decide, but how to choose? I will get back to dyeing up more Beyul when I return!