One/Five: Tambourine

LInda Lencovic ISLINGTON DK, Kettle Yarn Co.

Finished in April, my glorious Tambourine has been languishing in its sad little cubby, waiting patiently for the day it would get it’s proper ‘unveiling’. As a negligent KnitMom I just realised I’ve made her wait all this time! Shame on me. Especially as she is a regular addition to the daily wardrobe these days, so you’d think I’d remember. ūüėē

KettleYarnCo_ IslingtonDK_Tambourine2

The round ‘tambourine’ details pop beautifully in the new thicker weight of the Islington Bluefaced Leicester/Silk and the rounded ply of the DK seems to bounce light around even more gorgeously than the fingering, which I didn’t think would be possible, making the colour even richer.

KettleYarnCo_ IslingtonDK_Tambourine

I tried to take a full length picture of myself for y’all, but what is WITH my face? ¬†Looking slightly grumpy. Hah!

KettleYarnCo_ Tambourine5

Instead of the usual One/Five I decided to mock this up in all the colours available, to see how they would look, so here they are (click on the photos to see them as a larger slideshow):

Padparadscha is, as usual, the hardest one to mock up, but I do have this gorgeous detail from an upcoming pattern release which will give you the idea:


Can you imagine how cheerful that would be on a grey winter day?

Both the pinks and greys are in stock and the Verdigris blue/green went up on the shop in Friday’s update in both Islington fingering and DK:


Planning to get the Purple Reign, Neckinger green and Marigold on shop in the next couple weeks in time for the new collection update next week…listings are up now for pre-order!