Pada…par – huh? What’s in a name.

LInda Lencovic ISLINGTON - British BFL/Silk, Kettle Yarn Co.

There has been a few questions lately on how to pronounce the name of my amazingly complex pink shade Padparadscha. This has led me to question why. WHY have I named it something complicated and nearly unpronounceable??

Well. Let me tell you… 😉

As mentioned in a previous blog post, this hue is named after one of my favourite gem stones – the Padparadscha Ruby.

Padparadscha with ruby

A complex subject in its own right, there is a fair bit of controversy in the gemology world as to what truly defines a Padparadscha, as the same classification for the same stone can range from yellow to bright pink! Whaaaa? Yes.

Below? All Parapadschas!

range of hues

And to make it even more complicated, the composition of a ruby is the same as that of a sapphire, which makes the classification of the special label ‘padparadscha’ even MORE insanely random.

Part of me loves how the term can’t be nailed down and defined, much like the colour itself is a mixture of hues! I love that it is more than one thing at once.

The name is derived from the Sanskrit/Singhalese padma raga (padma = lotus; raga = colour), aka – lotus flower coloured. However…google lotus flowers and you’ll see where the issue of colour identification began! There are so many different hues.
lotus flower

This is how I always picture the stone – a juicy mix of pink and orange and on the right is the yarn itself – minus the orange shimmer that the camera can’t capture. When I dyed up the first skein of Islington fingering in this pink I knew it just HAD to be called this… it was just too perfect to be anything else!

faceted ruby      

Such a hard colour to photograph, but Karen’s gorgeous photo of her bright beaded shawl comes close to showing it…see more details of her beautiful project on Ravelry! Wouldn’t this shawl be cheering on a dismal day?

Shawl in Parapadschada pink

Also, we discovered at Fandango that the colour is flattering on all skin types and when worn next to the face it creates the most warming, youthful glow! FAB. Can’t beat that!


To break down the pronunciation – it is really exactly as written:




So there you have it…more than you ever wanted to know about the word. Padparadscha.