Permanent Project Parade!

LInda Lencovic inspiration, Kettle Yarn Co.

Before xmas I set up a new page on the new website and then promptly forgot to tell anyone about it!  Eesh. 😉

I’ve created a new ‘Projects‘ page which shows a preview of finished objects in Kettle blends gleaned on Ravelry. The page is linked to my Pinterest FO board so you can either quickly scan the page for new projects, go to Pinterest and look for projects in specific blends and colours, or just follow the board on Pinterest to see every new project added!

Follow Kettle Yarn Co.’s board Kettle Yarn Co. finished objects on Pinterest.

I am trying to regularly update the board as new projects pop up, but sometimes miss things, as time is in short supply these days. You can help me flag your newly finished beauties by posting to the the FO board on the Ravelry group page for everyone to marvel over, and I will make sure to pin it from there.

Also, make sure you link your new projects to the Kettle Yarn Co. group page when you start a new project as that will help me to keep track as well.

Beautiful work, everyone!