Kettle_Yarn_Co_BEYUL_black_quartzKettle_Yarn_Co_BEYUL_black_quartz1Kettle_Yarn_Co_BEYUL_black_quartzDBEYUL - Black Quartzkettle_yarn_co_beyulNaloa Shawl Kit - 2 skeins of BEYUL - sw Merino/ Baby Yak / Silk fingering by Kettle Yarn Co.kettleyarnco_beyul_thistleramblesKettle_Yarn_Co_Beyul_MALTINGS_Iceberg2Kettle_Yarn_Co_Beyul_MALTINGS_D

BEYUL fingering – Baby Yak/Silk/ ethical sw Merino…’Black Quartz’


BEYUL – Baby Yak • Silk • ethically sourced superwash Merino
100g = 366 meters • 400 yards
Colourway – ‘Black Quartz’ – charcoal

Designs shown in Beyul – Naloa by Renée Callahan, Thistle Rambles by Kirsten KapurMaltings by Louise Zass-Bangham.

Yak Faks

Did you know that Cashmere production is creating huge environmental problems in Asia which are in turn negatively affecting the global climate? My Beyul is my response to this problem – a yarn with many of the same luxurious properties as Cashmere but none of the nasty consequences.

In huge contrast to Cashmere goats, Yaks have a minimal impact on sparse grassland and every single facet of the yak is used for survival making them and their fleece extremely environmental. In addition my Merino is sourced from Peru from ethical farms that don’t use mulesing on their sheep.

A single Yak produces a mere 100g of down a year…one average skein of fingering weight yarn, making it a rare and precious fibre. Hand-combed or plucked, this short fibre sits between the most luxurious fine Cashmere and softest baby Camel in micron thickness and has a similar butter-soft handle and gloriously gentle halo… however – it has the added benefit of pilling less than either fibre.

Yak is durable, breathable, lightweight and its incredible thermal properties keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

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