Cycle project bag


Sturdy, triangle zipped bag with tassel and zip
– 100% thick linen with silver vegan pleather lining
– 16 x 30 cm, perfect for jumpers.

Illustrated in my hometown of Vancouver, where a blissful triumvirate of glittering high-rise city, deep blue ocean, and green mountains combine to meld true wilderness with the best of city life.Take a spin these whimsical bikes. Filled baskets carry treasures here, there and everywhere!

Keep your knitting, notions, tools and everything else organised with these bags. Each bag features a sturdy zipper with pull, double sided printing and a vegan leather lining to keep needles from poking through in your bag.

This bag is produced in ethical environments where workers are treated well and paid fair wages. A  percentage of the profit on the sale of this product-lines also goes to Education without Borders

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