RAMBLE – Nightshade


Think Shetland haps, Fair Isle and Fisherman’s jumpers, or just deliciously toothsome garter; Ramble melds the softest grades of traditional fibres into a delicately lightweight, springy yarn.

Drawing on a centuries-rich history of sheep rearing and wool production from the Shetland Isles and England’s smugglers paradise, Romney Marshes, this yarn is lightly processed, and woolen spun into a heathered, sheepy cloud.

RAMBLE – Small-batch British-reared Romney / Shetland
100g = 437 yards (400 meters)
Colourway: Nightshade – grey with an olive cast.

Please note that the colour settings on your monitor may not display hues accurately and that as a small-batch product the colour intensity can very from batch to batch. Please email me directly before purchasing if you have any colour concerns. Thanks

[Shawls are Earl Grey Martini by Thea Colman and Atlantic Avenue in Nightshade, Burdock and Meadowsweet by Kirsten Kapur. Jumper shown is my East or West by Joji Locatelli in Meadowsweet, Gorse and Nightshade. Lace yoke is from Walkham by Hanna Maciejewska  in Gorse yellow.]

An airy twirl of the finest British-reared Romney and Shetland fibres, Ramble is sourced directly from local British farms. The fibres are spun and dyed at one of Britain’s few remaining woolen mills, creating a yarn perfect for colourwork, twisted stitches, cables and rustic lace shawls. It’s fleecy 2-ply construction blooms into a lightweight fabric, helping to even irregular stitches into a closely knit, cohesive material with a gorgeously rustic hand.

Ramble’s gauge is very flexible; knit densely it produces a warm, durable fingering-weight fabric, knit loosely it can be a more lofty and bouncy sport to DK weight as the woollen-spun yarn expands to fit spaces left by larger needles. You can also hold two strands together for thicker Fisherman’s jumpers, choosing 2 different colours for a traditional marled effect.

A truly exceptional heirloom quality yarn, it is simple to keep your Ramble items looking new for decades to come as any tiny pills can easily be removed without damage to other fibres.

This blend will only be available in small-batches as only the finest graded fibres of Shetland and Romney will be used for this yarn.

In stock (can be backordered)