Purl Bee City Cape finished in limbo!

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I am sharing my finished City Cape today. I’ve been waffling about it for a bit now, trying to decide if capes are for me!

For those of you thinking of casting this on…

The pattern is a quick easy knit and I can’t fault it in the slightest. The waffle of the slip stitch is divinely luxurious and warm!


City Cape in Rye – IMAGE © KETTLE YARN CO.

What bothers me is more of a practical thing – how the cape falls open at the front and how big the sleeve holes are in terms of letting heat escape. If I were to reknit this I would make it a completely round cape with no opening and make the arm holes a bit smaller. That said, I will likely do this anyway – stitch up the ribbing at the holes a bit so the gap doesn’t let in as much wind!

Kettle_Yarn_Co_knit on icord edge

knit on i-cord edging – IMAGE © KETTLE YARN CO.

Knit on i-cord edge
I ended up doing the i-cord edging at the same time as knitting the cape. If you want to do this just slip the first 3 sts of the row and then purl those sts on the way back when you flip it over.

This creates the stretched, rounded slip stitch edge that makes icord! It is that easy and saves tons of time at the end.

I am wearing this a lot, even with the unwanted ventilation, as it is quite cozy, especially in the Lomond alpaca blend, but mostly in the house or as a layer under a coat and over another jumper. It took less than 5 skeins in the end for the small, and also makes a good lap blanket in a pinch. 😉