Summer knitting

LInda Lencovic BEYUL, Kettle Yarn Co., sewing, work in progress

The weather around here has been pretty scorchy since we got back from Cumbria, so I was pleased to wake up to a grey day today! Anything over 25C brings out the Canadian in me and I just start to sweat. It isn’t glamourous or pleasant. ;-D

Before leaving on the long drive last Thursday I cast on¬†Sibella Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge, something I’ve had queued since it came out. I needed something mostly stockinette as I can’t look down while driving in cars, so this was perfect!

Beyul – yak/silk/ merino in colourway ‘Steppe’

I couldn’t resist a bit more yellow, despite the sneaking conviction hat I am starting to dress like Big Bird. ūüėČ

I’ve been continuing to stretch my sewing skills this summer and tried working with fabric on the bias the other day, which was a bit more challenging.

I made a Curlew top from Merchant & Mills new, beautiful Workbook.

Merchant and Mills Curlew in Scout Linen

Merchant and Mills Curlew in Scout Linen

I used up the last of my gorgeous Scout Linen from the Camber Dress as I, surprisingly, had plenty left over out of the 1.75m I purchased for the dress.

I’ll admit that I went a little rogue and didn’t make a toile…which I thoroughly regret as I bungled the darts a bit and they aren’t as nice as I’d like. However I managed to fix them in the end and the top is wearable.

Merchant and Mills Curlew in Scout Linen from London's South Bank

Merchant and Mills Curlew in Scout Linen from London’s South Bank

Here it is after a hot, sweaty day in London a few weeks ago.Wore it with my Octopus skirt in the gorgeous Cotton + Steel voile I bought from Village Haberdashery to jazz it up a bit!

Should have probably taken the shots at the beginning of the day and not the end, right? ;-P