Unravel recap

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What an amazing weekend! Any of you that made it to the show in Surrey last weekend will surely agree that it was a stunner. As my first experience of Unravel, I couldn’t have hoped for more.

The only downer was the traffic on the way to set up. Instead of the estimated 1 hour and 50 min drive the trip took 4 hours as we got trapped in a long, rainy queue to London on the way there!


Things picked up the next day, though. Renee and I stayed in the most amazing old hotel that was established in 1887 – the same year as my new home, if significantly grander…

unravel2 copy

Farnham is a seriously pretty little town with cobbled streets, a castle, quaint churches and amazing eateries. Thinking it might be an idea to take an extra couple of days here next year just to get a chance to enjoy the place!


As the festival was so busy I luckily didn’t have a chance to get TOO tempted by all the amazing wares I glanced on my hurried trips around the rooms. I did managed to pick up a new pair of my favourite alpaca socks from the amazing John Arbon team. These beauties wear like armour, but are SO soft and warm! I also picked up a few more little tidbits – the new Pom Pom Quarterly (planning a Tambourine!!), Coop Knits‘ lovely new book so I can make a pair of my own Phyllis socks, and a little treat…

…THE cutest felted badger brooch with an Elizabethan collar from Jenny Barnett‘s booth! LOVE. HER.


‘Madge’ the badg’

Here is an action shot of EastLondonKnit, working her magic in her own design – Veil of Leithen – next to her beautiful ‘Learn to Knit’ kits!


A fantastic idea, these kits contain all you need for aspiring knitters (get them at her shop on Etsy)!


I never seem to manage to take shots of the booth when it is still all shiny and fresh, but here it is on the Saturday morning in the gorgeous Tannery room:

unravel5 copy

Big thank you to the Farnham Maltings team – Lynsey, Kath and Emily – who did such an amazing job organising this show.

And HUGE thank you to everyone who came by the booth to share projects, have a chat and just be lovely this weekend. What a pleasure to  see some of you again and to meet all you lovely new folk!!! Hope to see you again at the next shows! ;-*