Wear Chart

‘Pilling is a pet peeve for lots of knitters. When your finished objects start to pill, they begin to look old and the beauty of the yarn, the design, and the workmanship is diminished. Why does pilling happen?’ – Clara Parkes, Knitting Daily

Softness is a highly prized quality in yarn, giving the user a pleasure in working with it and and ease of wear. However, the cost of using a soft yarn is often pilling or damage to fibres as those short, tender fibres that give us gentle garments are also naturally prone to abrasion.

I believe in sourcing only luxurious AND hardwearing blends for Kettle Yarn Co. Only yarns that pass my exacting standards for optimum softness, wear-ability and durability are chosen to be lovingly hand dyed for you in small batches, creating exceptional yarns and projects that stand the test of time. Though some of my yarns may pill a bit, they will shave clean with no damage to the fibres – guaranteeing that your garments remain look their best!

To help you plan your projects, the chart below shows the blends I carry and gives an indication of how many shaves it will take before light pilling stops completely: