Yarn Blends

Kettle Yarn Co BANFFBANFF Aran
55% British Bluefaced Leicester*
45% Baby Alpaca
100g = approx. 167 m |183 y
wear rating:

This yarn is fat, smooshy and glorious and will make the warmest, softest hat, cowl or gloves EVER!

The long staple BFL makes this yarn hard wearing while a large percentage of the softest baby Alpaca gives a gentle halo, a bit of drape and tons of insulation. The yarn is a three ply structure, perfect for open details like yarnovers.

20% Baby Yak • 20% Silk
60% ethically sourced superwash Merino**
100g = 366 meters | 400 yards
wear rating:

BEYUL combines the best of 3 fibres – the gentle halo of high quality Yak down, a subtle shimmer from silk, and the bouncy goodness of the softest superwash Merino. This blend is truly a dyer’s dream, taking dye with an intoxicating richness that takes your breath away.

Yak Faks

Did you know that cashmere production is creating huge environmental problems in Asia which are, in turn, negatively affecting the global climate and animal welfare? In contrast yaks have a minimal impact on sparse grassland and every single facet of the yak is used for survival making them and their fleece extremely environmental.

A single Yak produces a mere 100g of down a year…one average skein of fingering weight yarn, making it a rare and precious fibre. Hand-combed or plucked, this short fibre sits between the most luxurious fine Cashmere and softest baby Camel in micron thickness and has a similar butter-soft handle and gloriously gentle halo… however – it has the added benefit of pilling less than either fibre.

Yak is durable, breathable, lightweight and its incredible thermal properties keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Kettle Yarn Co. Bloomsbury Lace


80% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester*
20% Silk
100 grams = 800 m | 875 yds
wear rating:

Refined and sophisticated, *super-soft 100% British superwash Blue Faced Leicester gains an elegant sheen and drape from the addition of high quality silk, while maintaining a slightly rustic appearance.

This smooth, worsted spun 2-ply yarn is ideal for lace as the plies push away from each another, holding open space around them—perfect for yarn overs. The higher percentage of BFL creates a crisp, organic texture adding bounce and durability. The addition of 20% silk adds a stunning depth of subtle lustre to the dye and adds a just the right amount of weight and drape, while being tempered by the wool’s bounce to avoid any sagging or pilling typical for silk yarns.

This is definitely the yarn for those heirloom and artisan pieces that will be treasured for lifetimes. This amazingly soft and deceptively delicate looking fibre is tough enough for fine garments and will hold up to quite a bit of abrasion due to the high BFL content!

This yarn has been vigorously wear tested and holds an amazing ‘2 shaves’ on Kettle Yarn Co.’s Wear Grading Chart – which means it will only pill lightly the first few times worn and will shave completely clean with no damage to fibres!


Kettle Yarn Co HEATH
HEATH Fingering
100% ethically sourced superwash Merino**
100 grams = 400 m | 437 yds
wear rating:

Beautifully soft and fluffy this yarn creates a naturally heathered appearance for a rustic look without the typical rough handle in tweed yarns, while still being hardwearing. A a non-superwash merino, this blend has a bit of tooth that works beautifully with a balance 3ply construction, perfect for amazing stitch definition.

Hand washing and laying flat to dry is recommended to avoid felting.


Kettle Yarn Co Cambridge
CAMBRIDGE Lace & Fingering
70% baby Alpaca
20% Silk
10% Cashmere
100 grams = 400 m | 437 yds
wear rating:

It doesn’t get any softer than this…the softest, slinkiest baby alpaca, blended with luminous silk and topped off with a cashmere halo cloud. Sheer perfection.

This is a deliciously soft and light blend that is also incredibly warm and makes stunning shawls for holiday gifting! This blend feels meltingly like butter in your hands and has a lovely, extremely warm drape from all that cushy baby Alpaca and added Cashmere. The silk adds subtle shine and a bit more drape.

You can add a strand of this to another yarn for some added drape, furry halo, warmth and just plain luxury, or use it alone for exceptional lace knitting.


Kettle Yarn Co ISLINGTON
ISLINGTON – fingering & DK
55% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester*
45% Silk
100 grams = 400 m | 437 yds
wear rating: 2 shaves

Well-bred but streetwise, this lightweight blend yarn is versatile and strong while maintaining buttery softness – a sophisticated choice for everyday items, luxurious next-to-skin wear and precious accessories.

As soft as Merino, the blend’s 100% British superwash Bluefaced Leicester tempers silk’s drape while adding strength and elasticity. The high percentage of BFL makes items hardwearing, very low pilling and long lasting. The addition of 45% silk combines sophisticated sheen and luxurious handle with crispness and uniformity for stunning stitch definition.


70% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester
20% Silk
10% Cashmere
100 grams = 400 m | 437 yds
wear rating: 3 shaves

Uptown without the attitude, this lightweight blend is versatile and strong with added opulence and warmth from the softest cashmere – a luxurious choice for everyday items, next to skin wear and precious accessories.

With its high percentage of 100% British SW Bluefaced Leicester this yarn is hardwearing, low pilling and long lasting. 20% silk adds subtle sheen and depth of colour, while 10% cashmere gives it a buttery halo and insulating warmth. Its 3 ply structure is ideal for knit, purls, ribs and cables as details pop in this yarn with a crisp roundness.

This superwash blend is perfect for heirloom baby items, as it can also be popped in a delicate machine wash. However it STILL spit splices – the best of both worlds!

Hand-washing or machine soaking and spinning is recommended.


Kettle Yarn Co TWIST
TWIST – fingering
100% British Superwash Bluefaced Leicester*
100g = approx. 366 m | 400 y
wear rating:

Bouncy, super-soft skeins made up of hardwearing long staple BFL. This blend is highly twisted to make the yarn durable enough for socks but has a lovely soft, bouncy handle making it perfect for accessories and next to skin garments for sensitive people!

Bluefaced Leicester wool combines highly prized qualities for knitters:
– it is as soft as Merino but its long staple fibre makes it hard wearing and very low pilling
– it has a natural lustre which gives the yarn a gently sheen, reflecting light to enhance stitchwork and colour


Kettle Yarn Co WALTHAM
100% British Bluefaced Leicester Wool
100g = approx. 166 m |182 y
wear rating:

This gently rustic yarn is slightly crisp but soft enough for delicate skins. With no pokey guard hairs it is perfect for those of use who crave the look and handle of honest, untreated yarn without the typically associated itch!

Bluefaced Leicester wool combines three highly prized qualities:
– a softness similar to Merino
– a long staple fibre which makes this yarn hard wearing and very low pilling
– a natural lustre which gives the yarn a gentle sheen, reflecting light to enhance stitchwork and colour without being too shiny

This yarn is a three ply structure, perfect for open details like yarnovers and cables – sculptural stitches are enhanced by the sheen and ply structure.


WESTMINSTER Lace & Fingering
50% Baby Camel 50% Silk
100g = approx. 366 m | 400 y
wear rating:

Colourways in this yarn are carefully hand painted to get the most out of this stunningly luminous yarn!

Opulently fit for a royal baby, this is an all out pamper-yourself luxury blend. The luscious heavy drape of silk with the rich, warm halo of camel – the best of both worlds – creates a meltingly soft handle unlike any other.

One of the most luxurious blends on the market, camel/silk also takes colour like no other yarn. Dye gains a glowing richness that just takes your breath away. With a generous 437 yds per skein, there is enough in one skein for a precious shawl or smaller accessory.

Despite its delicate appearance and feel, this yarn is amazing with abrasion – the swatch shown above in a different colourwary shows the yarn AFTER extensive wear testing and shaving! The fibres stay wound with no matting or other damage apparent – the sign of a real heirloom quality yarn


100% Superwash Merino Wool Sport**
100 grams = 262 m | 287 yds
wear rating:

Deceptively butter soft but championship tough this doughy 100% superwash Merino comes in a generous 287 yds per skein – enough for accessories projects.

This is the softest, squishiest superwash merino we have used (much softer than the most popular American hand dyed yarn brand on the market) so soft and natural feeling you could never tell it was a superwash yarn without the label!

It also holds an amazing ‘2 shaves’ on Kettle Yarn Co.’s Wear Grading Chart – which means it will only pill lightly the first few times worn and will shave completely clean with no damage to fibres. A true workhorse yarn for lasting garments that can be gently machine washed.
*Purchased from the British Wool Marketing Board, we only use supersorted 100% British Bluefaced Leicester fleece. ‘Supersorting’ is when the fibre is picked through – or cleaned of any unwanted bits – twice as much as normal wools are handled and then examined again before being combed and sent for processing at the spinning mill. This ensures that only the very softest BFL is used for our blends, delicate enough for the most sensitive skins.

**We only use South American or Falkland Merino to ensure ethical treatment of our sheep-y friends – absolutely NO mulesing or other questionable animal treatment.

***This yarn is superwash, however to preserve the life and beauty of your knitted item handwashing or machine soaking/spinning in lukewarm water and drying flat is strongly recommended. Over time agitation will wear away all spun fibres.